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Our practice is a new way of providing primary care that's based on a monthly membership subscription. It is for everybody who values quality time with their doctor (in person, or virtually) More times than not, these visits cost a lot less than most monthly bills. The value is a doctor who gets to know you, your child and entire family because of the slower pace, and deeper connections made during the visit. You can see your doctor as many times as you want during the month, for up to 60 minutes if need be, and if you don't need to, you still pay your monthly membership because there will be those months when you will.



Teen Support Group

Our Teen-2-Teen support group facilitated by Dr. Lulu, is run entirely by teens. The group is designed to give emotional support, a safe haven, and a home away from home,  because "teens speak teen". Members will be surrounded by other teens with one sole purpose; to be each other's keepers. It will allow teens to express themselves freely, without fear of judgement from others.


Parent Support Group

Our parent support group, facilitated by Dr. Lulu who is a parent coach, is designed to offer support to you during those difficult times when you might doubt yourself, or second guess your decisions as a parent. It will include a network of caring parents and other members of the ideal supportive village it takes not only to raise our children, but also to save our children. 

Some Diagnoses managed at Dr. Lulu's youth health center





Depressive illness can be quite subtle in children. It might mimic normal adolescent behavior, or present as hyperactivity or other behavior problems, so parents must be vigilant, and be prepared to take the front seat in their childrens' management. Majority of teens feel invisible and misunderstood. As a parent coach and clinician, Dr. Lulu will help you understand your teens' behaviors better so you can continue as their best allies. 





Anxiety is an extremely pervasive illness in the pediatric population. Often co-existing with depression, it can lead to significant morbidity and school absenteeism. Parents often do not know what to do, or how to help in these very special circumstances. With a little prodding and guidance,  proper diagnosis and treatment, as well as necessary counseling and referrals if needed. Your teens will acquire the proper coping skills needed to tackle it.  



Self-Harm and Eating Disorders


Inattention, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity are the core symptoms, however, if your child is anxious, losing stuff, is forgetful, fidgety, restless, and doing poorly in school, he or she might have ADHD, and so might you, sir/ma'am. Yes, 78% of ADHD can be familial. 

Dr. Lulu will explain in its entirety, and ensure you understand that it does take medications, environmental adjustment, and education etc to tackle ADHD appropriately.

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders


Self-harm and Eating Disorders have very complex and multi-factorial origins. Through medication management, counseling, and our Teen 2 Teen (Teen Alive) support group, Dr. Lulu will ensure you and your child understand the factors that contribute to these disease states, and the special situations

 required for their appropriate management. 

Suicidal Behavior

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders

Suicidal Behavior


Suicide, and Suicidal behavior have reached an all time high in today's world. As a Speaker and Clinician, Dr. Lulu understands the complexity of this behavior and will help you and your child navigate it's tortuous waters together.

Parents must be alert, and conscientious about suicidal behaviors. 4/5 children that attempt suicide leave warning signs. Do you know these signs? Dr. Lulu can help.


Self-Harm and Eating Disorders

Suicidal Behavior


Be it LGBTQAI+ issues, Asthma, Allergies, Thyroid Disease, Obesity or PCOS, Dr. Lulu brings her decades of experience to the table and gets to the root of the problem to help your child feel better in no time.

Many children present to the doctor's office with physical symptoms with underlying psychological causes. Bullying and abuse immediately come to mind. Dr. Lulu is experienced in finding out these hidden root causes.

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wellness and weight management

Weight Management and Teen Wellness

Dr. Lulu prides herself with her ability to tune in to the particular health needs of her patients and their families. As a Yoga and Kickboxing enthusiast, she is very aware of the current issues surrounding body image, especially with the presence of social media.

She will evaluate your teen's overall health by assessing their nutritional, exercise and sleep habits, emotional health and how these all affect their health and disease profiles. 

She will work with you and your teen to arrive at the the optimal weight for their height and body structure, and even consider the part genetics play in it all.

Ultimately, your child will come to understand that the numbers on a scale are not as important as the world around him or her that ultimately affect their well being.