Membership Fees

Here at Dr. Lulu's Youth Health Center, our pricing system is very straightforward – like it should be. No hidden costs or complicated invoices. If you have questions, simply ask. We’re happy to walk you through anything. In the meantime, take a look at our Membership Fees below, browse our Frequently Asked Questions, and  sign up to become a member. We’re so glad you’re here. 

Services are self-pay and Dr. Lulu's Health Center is structured as a direct monthly membership practice. 


Payment is due on the first day of your office appointment (fees will be prorated for partial months), and you are subsequently billed every month after that on the of same day of the month. Failure to remit payment on the scheduled day of your payment for 30 days will result in cancellation of your membership. A fee equivalent to the current monthly rate will be charged for re-enrollment once membership is cancelled.

Fee Schedule for Dr. Lulu's Youth Health Center, as of March 09, 2020

  • Initial "Meet and Greet" to assess for patient-doctor fit: FREE (Phone only). 
  • $150 enrollment fee is charged for all new patients.

  • Membership Fee Flat Rate $300/month for unlimited access to Dr. Lulu Fees are to be paid on the first day of service and subsequently remitted on the first of every month.

  • If you prefer, you may sign up for two visits per month @ $250/mo, but we would prefer a weekly visit at the onset.

  • If you prefer, you may sign up for one visit per month @200/mo

  • A reliable form of payment is expected to be tendered on the first day of service. 

  • While we accept cash and credit cards as forms of payment, cash paying patients must pay three (3) months in advance for services.  

                 Discounted Rates    

  • Subsequent Child Discount $220/month per child. 

  • **Due to the nature of the cases we see, we recommend a minimum of 12mo membership, to help with establishment of a working relationship, and on-going care.

  • Quarterly Rate $1,100, Biannual Rate $1,700, Annual Rate $3,500

  • Sports Physicals Member Rate $99

  • Sports Physicals Non-Member Rate $120

  • There is a membership minimum of 12mo. Members are responsible for payments for the duration of time remaining for early cancelation.

  • Special requests for complicated out-going phone calls, letters, forms, prior authorizations or any complicated paperwork requiring more than 30 minutes are billed at the rate of $75/hour.

  • Teen-2-Teen Support Group is FREE, this is included in the full membership of $300/mo

  • Parent Coaching Session is $100 per person for group session (group of 4 or more persons), and $150 for couples session flat rate. One hour sessions only.

Will I still need health insurance?

 Yes, you will still need your health insurance. We encourage you to, but we are happy to see you and work with you, even if you do not have one. Our prices are affordable and with the great one-on-one care you are going to receive, we feel they are well worth it. 

How do I pay for services and monthly membership fees?

 Membership fees are paid by EFT through Chase Online Banking merchant services, and are due on the first day of service. 

Can I still have a consult if I choose not to be a member yet?

Absolutely. We offer one time or single service (in-office) consults of $150 flat fee for patients who are yet undecided to join the practice, which is still less than an ER or Urgent Care visit. Please note, this is different from our free consult for those who have chosen to become members.