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 pediatric direct primary care practice, where you will have DIRECT access to your child's pediatrician, virtually or in person for up to one hour! 

Who are we and why are we different?


Who Are We?

Doctor Lulu's Youth Health Center (YHC) is primarily focused on helping youth struggling with health issues relating to mental illness, bullying, self-esteem concerns, and other emotional situations that lead to self-harm. We will help uncover the underlying causes of at-risk behavior in your child/teen. We primarily treat children ages 8-21 years, that are struggling with behavior problems like; anger issues,  bedwetting, depression, anxiety, self-harm, ADHD, adolescent crisis, and other concerns, but NOT substance abuse. As a Pediatric office, we shall co-manage your child's health with their primary care physician, or take over as primary care provider if you desire. Our membership model provides you with timely, quality care in a down-to-earth, un-rushed, and uncomplicated environment.

We ARE the only  pediatric office in the United States of America offering this type of pediatric care, this way, so come on in!


Who is Dr. Lulu?

 Dr. Lulu aka The Momatrician, is a board certified pediatrician with nearly 30 years of clinical experience, a United States Air Force Veteran, an Author and a Speaker on Youth Suicide. She prides herself in her ability to effectively communicate with her young patients. They are drawn to her warm, easy-going personality and touch. She understands the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to care for your children, and will walk side-by-side with you until you reach your goals. 

As a parent of youth herself, and a child health advocate, her focus is on Intentional Parenting and its positive effects on the outcomes of your children.


Why Choose Us?

As a mother of three children, Doctor Lulu knows first hand the struggles of  parents when their children are sick. You will grow to love her hands-on method of patient care. Not only will she treat your child's existing conditions, she will also co-ordinate care with specialists in the community to ensure your child's medical conditions are adequately managed. With her new practice model, you will have direct access to her, either via email, text, phone or in person, thus building a life-long relationship. 

As your go-to place for child health care, and as your child's pediatrician, she will become an extension of your family.


direct primary care explained

                                       Check out this great video explanation of the process of a Direct Primary Care Practice Model just like ours! 

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